Family Resources Center


To bring to the world a witness of God’s love in marriage and in the family.

To challenge the world to live and love as God call us to live and love so that the mysterious gift of sexuality is honored and respected; that God’s gift of life is honored and respected from the moment of conception until natural death; that the virtues of charity and chastity are sought out and appreciated; and that the joy of the Lord is so evident in all family members that it manifests His Love.

To counteract detrimental influences in society which undermine Judeo-Christian family values.

To foster true sex education for children which is under the guidance and direction of their parents.

To reverse the growing statistics which reflect the current deterioration of family values.

To further the plan for pastoral ministry whereby families themselves would help other families become stronger and more Christ-centered, would help deal with practical family problems, and would offer encouragement, support, and especially patient love to those caught up in crisis situations.

To illuminate the way for those who are groping in confusion and to bring new direction to those lost in the dark loneliness of instability, separations, divorces, desertions, spouse beatings, child abuse, incest, abortion, sterilizations, man/woman exploitation, broken hearts, broken dreams, and broken psyches.

To implement educational programs which would foster and promote Judeo-Christian values.

To build a Culture of Life.

 Family Resources Center

Family Resources Center

Respect Life Library

The Family Resources Center offers thousands of educational and/or entertaining programs produced that deal with respect for God’s most precious gifts of life and family.  These audio visuals and  books are available on free loan to the community and more are being added to the library daily.

Besides offering the respect life library, the center offers referral for free pregnancy tests and services to pregnant distressed women, teen-age chastity programs, natural family planning and post abortion counseling.  We also offer a speaker’s bureau, and referral services to other respect life agencies helping the hurting.

Contact Information
Address: 415 N.E. Monroe St. Peoria, IL 61603
Phone #: 309-839-2287


Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am to 3:30pm, Wed 9:30am to 4:30pm, Sat 11am to 3pm